Gastronomie ucrainiana la Kiev

Hello! Today I will tell you about the best Ukrainian traditional dishes. We will try the legendary borshch in a cabbage and no less legendary Chicken Kyiv. I’ll tell you what is a banush and a kholodets. You will find out which snack is a part of the Ukrainian diet. Answers to these and other questions you will find in our new vlog.

Infobox 0:50 Syrniky 1:19 Chicken Kyiv 2:29 Kholodets 3:04 Salo 3:32 Borshch 4:02 Banush 4:26 Zrazy 6:17 Varenyky 6:47 Homemade fried sausage 6:59 Uzvar Chicken Kyiv Kanapa Ostannya Barykada !!The best pub in Kyiv!! Beer House !!The best Ukrainian Souvenirs!! Narodnyi Dim Ukraina

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